May update

Submitted by Peter on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 14:02

(Re-posting the Indiegogo campaign update we sent out recently.)

At the moment there are 2 obstacles left to overcome before starting serial production of Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals.

1. Programming
Our new engineer, Gergely is working hard to finish the completely rewritten program of the microcontroller. It's working nicely in general but still needs to be refined a bit to completely filter out movements like scratching your nose and to make the detection of hand signals 100% accurate. We are expecting him to be ready in a couple of weeks. Another good news on this front is that our previous engineer, Viktor is back on the team and helps him out during this last phase.

2. Coloring & final touches on design
The moulding forms for the new design are ready. We are now experimenting with different colors and materials (spray coatings and foils) to cover the electronics between the 2 layers of plastic and make the wristbands look really stylish. This is a "trial and error" kind of process as you can see on the picture, but we will get it right by the time the engineering team is ready with the programming.

We are working hard to make sure you can ride safe with your pair of Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals this (European) summer. Please hang on, the final product will be worth the wait!

Another happy note from my side is that I just quit my corporate job to dedicate more time and energy to Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals and bring it to cyclists all around the world.

Best regards,
Peter & the whole team at Useeme

Useeme color variations

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