Bicycle Indicator Wristbands

Built for the urban cyclist who often feels unsafe on roads packed with cars, Useeme is a pair of smart LED bracelets that empowers cyclists with car-like flashing indicator lights. Wearable and fully automatic, it detects the hand signals you’re already used to.

OK, but how?

Automatic LED indicator wristbands that make your hand signals extremely visible. Check out the video.

Hand signals on steroids

Useeme bike turn signals on hand

Be confident on the streets, knowing your hand signals will always be seen and recognised.

Useeme makes you more visible and keeps you safe.

100% automatic

Your hand signals become flashing turn signals - and it all happens automatically.

No magic: our tricky algorithms detect your hand movements with sensors.

Why use it?

Useeme keeps you safe

Reduce the chance of cycling accidents
Reduce the chance of cycling accidents
Avoid getting hit while passing roadside obstacles.
Avoid getting hit while passing roadside obstacles
Make sure cars give you way when changing lanes
Make sure cars give you way while changing lanes.
Warn others before turning left or right
Warn others before turning left or right
Boost your visibility and demand attention from others.
Boost your visibility and demand attention from others.
Educate your children to always use hand signals.
Educate your children to always use hand signals.

Bright idea, isn't it?

Each wristband contains 9 orange power LEDs. They are the strongest low-energy LEDs on the market and their job is to keep you safe on the streets.

What else?

Comfortably flexible

Universally wearable

Padded inside, fits your gloves and clothes, even your fitness tracker. Comes in 2 sizes.

Weather proof

Rain proof and robust

Your hand signals are bright & shiny even when it's dark & rainy outside.

Great battery life

Great battery life

7-10 days on a single charge with average commuter usage.

Who's using it?

The Hungarian Police using Useeme Bicycle Indicators
The cycling instructor at Cambridge University
All kinds of riders around the world. You should, too!
  • The Hungarian Police. (Seriously.)
  • The cycling instructor at Cambridge University.
  • All kinds of cyclists around the world.

You should, too!

What people say

Best of the bunch when it comes to cycling indicators and they do work well.

I feel so safe with the bands on that I feel unsafe without them! I have to cycle in busy traffic in London across (sometimes) 3 lanes of traffic and around roundabouts including the notorious Old Street roundabout where several cyclists have been killed (by lorries).

Jo from London

I live in Scotland and have long dark commutes in winter and drive on the left. USeeMe is brilliant especially when turning right as it gives lot of confidence. Great safety addition. The sensors are surprisingly good making it very easy to use even with drop bars.

If you're looking for a great gift for yourself or a cyclist friend buy this, because this is the best idea ever for indicating. I would make it compulsory for children.

This allows you to have your turn signal seen by all road users, which I think is absolutely fantastic.

Number one SAFETY!

Paul on Facebook

I am using the indicators when out cycling  in failing light conditions and they are proving to be very effective. I have added their use into the regular road safety lectures I deliver at the University of Cambridge.

I think they're amazing! I will wear them every day and tell all my customers.

Order your pair & ride with confidence

Useeme box contents
Hand on bike grip with Useeme Bike Turn Signals on the wrist
Side view of a pair of Useeme Bike Turn Signals
A pair Useeme Bike Turn Signal wristbands on wood table
Useeme box contents

Get the most advanced (and fun) indicators ever built for cyclists.

  • Be seen.
  • Be understood.
  • Ride safe.
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30 days money back guarantee

We built a great product and we're proud of it. You can try Useeme out risk-free.

If you don't like the wristbands, send them back within 30 days for a refund. No questions asked, we just send you back the money (excl. shipping costs).

What people think

See what visitors at Cycle Show Birmingham said after trying Useeme.

More about safety

Let us show you how Useeme makes your city rides safer - and more fun.

Product details

Curious about Useeme? Click here to see why it's an awesome invetntion.

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Latest news

New product with a long history

We started working on the idea of bike turn signals in 2010.

After 8 years of development, countless prototypes, and thousands of working hours, we're happy to present you the most advanced turn signal lights for cyclists.

Cyclists with Useeme Bike Turn Signals doing a hand signal

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