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Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals

Dear friends,

We're happy to report that we're still here, and we've never been closer to turn the idea of Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals into an actual product. 

Actually, the product is ready. It works perfectly, does evertyhing we ever promised and more. The final version of Useeme Bicycle Turn signals features a new design with extremely bright LEDs, has rechargable batteries built in, and even a fluffy padding on the inside of the wristbands to make wearing on bare hands more comfortable.

I guess some of you already wrote off Useeme as a project that failed. To be honest, at some point we almost wrote it off too. Then we took a deep breath, and decided to keep working.

We gathered a new team of engineers to tackle the challenges all previous teams failed to solve. We needed a new, much more reliable hand signal detection algorhythm, and we needed proper electronics with viable battery consumption. About 3 months ago we reached an agreement with the new engineering team and they started working.

And what a good work they are doing: 

We finally found the engineers we were looking for. Gergely, István and Ricsi are now working on the product and they already have the trickiest part down: we have the new software. It's super-reliable and works as it should. We'll report back with videos in a couple of weeks. For now, please just be assured that we're still committed make Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals a reality. It seems that we're on the right track now.

Dear Friends,

At the moment we're evaluating offers from 2 development teams and waiting for an offer from a third team. By the end of January we'll make our choice and trust one of the teams to finish the programming for Useeme Bicycle Turn signals. We'll keep you posted.

We're aware of some emails piled up in our support inbox. We don't really have much capacity for support lately but will catch up as soon as we're confident about launch dates, prices, etc. For the time being, please check back to this space every once in a while for updates.

Dear friends & supporters. Let me share the latest news on the development of Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals.

As most of you know, we spent most of this year waiting for our programmers to finally give the green light on the program of the new microcontroller. Their task was to achieve at least 95% reliability in the detection of hand signals. As of this moment, they didn't deliver a solution. We heard a lot about different obstacles that prevent them from finishing, and also a lot about almost being there. We still aren't.

Useeme colors

Dear friends and supporters,

Please excuse us for leaving you without an update for a long time. We hope you had a great summer so far, ours was nice but a bit frustrating.

The development of Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals is still in progress, but it's going slow. We have 2 engineers working on programming the microcontroller, and they are still not finished. I asked them to provide an update so you have a bit more insight about what's keeping us from finally starting production. This is what they wrote:


(Re-posting the Indiegogo campaign update we sent out recently.)

At the moment there are 2 obstacles left to overcome before starting serial production of Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals.

New website screenshot

Last weekend Futuretro Webworks activated the new version of our website. It's easier to read, much more mobile-friendly, and the backend is prepared for the start of preorders. For better search engine optimisation the website's main domain is now and all the previous versions (, also redirect to this domain. We are very pleased with the results and hope you'll like it too.

Spring is almost here in Europe, we already had some nice outdoor rides and worked a lot to finish the new Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals. Here's what we achieved since the last update.  

Useeme prototype with a wrong color

Dear friends and supporters,

We are working hard to finish Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals but we faced some serious difficulties during the last 2 months which delay the process some more. Here's a brief status report for you.

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