Things start to look bright

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I guess some of you already wrote off Useeme as a project that failed. To be honest, at some point we almost wrote it off too. Then we took a deep breath, and decided to keep working.

We gathered a new team of engineers to tackle the challenges all previous teams failed to solve. We needed a new, much more reliable hand signal detection algorhythm, and we needed proper electronics with viable battery consumption. About 3 months ago we reached an agreement with the new engineering team and they started working.

And what a good work they are doing: 

  • They created a proper, reliable, production-ready hand signal detection algorhythm.
  • They rewrote the control algorythm of the LEDs, achieving very-very low energy consumption and still maintaining perfect visibility, even in bright daylight.
  • They are at the moment designing the final version of the electronics with all the necessary sensors for the new hand signal detection algorhythm.

Here's what's done:

  • Outer casing: ready for production.
  • LED hardware: ready for production.
  • Control software: ready for production.

Here's what's left to do:

  • Final version of control hardware (ready for production in 2 months maximum, fingers crossed)
  • Reliability testing
  • Finalizing assembly line
  • Serial production test runs

We expect to be production ready in October or November.

The final product will:

  • Look great
  • Reliably detect hand signals with any type of bike handle
  • Feature extremely bright LEDs, visible from more than 50 meters even in direct sunlight
  • Have rechargeable batteries
  • Go at least 2 weeks on one charge

We just finished the first battery tests, it shows that almost 2 hours of continous flashing is achievable with one charge. (See the graph.)

Things start to look bright for Useeme. Please watch this space for updates.

Peter & the team

Useeme battery test graph

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