Why you should use Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals

Because it protects you and makes cycling safer. Read about the ways Useeme helps you stay safe on the streets.

Around 75% percent of bike accidents occur at road junctions, where visibility and hand signals are the key to your safety. Maybe you don't always use hand signals. But when you do, you want them to be seen.

Cycling accident line art drawing

Reduce the chance of accidents

Accidents happen. They happen mostly on spots where bikes and cars use the same road. The key to your safety is visibility. The better others see you, the more they know about where you're headed, the safer you are.

Cyclists turning left, drawn from above

Warn others before turning left or right

Why do cars have turn signals? Because it's safer if others know where you're headed. The same goes for cyclists. That's why holding out your hand before turning is required by law.

Hand signals are obligatory - and Useeme makes them impossible to ignore.

Cyclist passing stopped car on roadside

Avoid getting hit while passing roadside obstacles

Riding on the side of the road is a risky situation, but often necessary.

Best make sure the car behind you is aware that you're going to pull in in front of them. 

Bicycle changing lanes

Make sure cars give way when changing lanes

If you need to go in the other car lane, better be as visible as a car.

The lane yours too, but it's best not to come unannounced. Hold out your hand and let rapidly flashing bright LEDs speak for you. Useeme is flashy in the best possible way.

Drawn cyclist doing a hand signal with flashing bike turn signals on their wrist

Boost your visibility and demand attention

Visibility is key. If motorists in traffic are well aware of you, they're much less likely to cause you any harm unintentionally. That simple.

As simple as holding out your hand.

Two cyclist doing hand signals and turning right

Educate children to always use hand signals

When your hand signals are all flashy and fun, you're much more likely to actually use them. Same goes for the kids.

You know it's a pretty healthy habit.

Get your bike turn signals now

A pair Useeme Bike Turn Signal wristbands on wood table
Useeme box contents
Useeme box contents
Hand on bike grip with Useeme Bike Turn Signals on the wrist
Side view of a pair of Useeme Bike Turn Signals

Order the most advanced (and fun) turn signal light for cyclists. Boost your visibility and make your city rides safer.

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