Size guide

Useeme Bike Turn Signals come in two sizes to make sure you get a perfect fit.

It's pretty easy to find out which size you need.

Wrist diameter

Measure wrist circumference

Take a tailor's tape and get your wrists circumference. Run the tape tight around your wrist, don't leave space between the measuring tape and your skin.

If you don't have a tailor's tape just use some flexible tape or a cord to get the circumference and put it next to a ruler afterwards.

Size guide

Below or above 18 cm?

If your measure around or below 18 centimeters (7 inches), you need size M. Above 18 centimeters (7 inches), you'll need size L.

Our records show that about 70% percent of adults need size M.

Size M might be too big for kids below the age of 12 and adults with especially thin wrists. (An even smaller size S will be available later on.)


Flexible for an easy fit

Useeme wristbands are pretty flexible so you can use them on your bare hands but also on a glove, a jacket, or a fitness tracker. 

No matter how much you flex them the wristbands always return to their original form - that's why they don't have clasps or buckles.

Free exchange to a different size

If you got the wrong size, don't worry. Somply send your wristbands back to us and we'll replace them for free with the other size - you'll only need to pay shipping.

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