Summer update

Gespeichert von Peter am Don, 13.08.2015 - 07:00

Dear friends and supporters,

Please excuse us for leaving you without an update for a long time. We hope you had a great summer so far, ours was nice but a bit frustrating.

The development of Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals is still in progress, but it's going slow. We have 2 engineers working on programming the microcontroller, and they are still not finished. I asked them to provide an update so you have a bit more insight about what's keeping us from finally starting production. This is what they wrote:

  • We have a new algorythm that seems to work well, but still does some mistakes in detecting hand signals.
  • This algorythm is now being fine-tuned to be 99% reliable instead of the 90% reliability that it has at the moment.
  • The method of fine-tuning is very slow, after each modification we have to do some computerized and some manual tests to see if the modification was effective.
  • We are getting there.

Another reason for the slow going of things is that the guys are working on the development in their evenings and nights. Having someone else take over the development would again slow things down as our engineers already invested a lot of work in the programming and they know the product and the problems we need to cope with to have a 99% reliable program in the microcontroller. We also don't have the funds to outsource the task to a company. The money we raised during our Indiegogo campaign has been spent all on development long ago, we're financing everything from our own pockets.

The good news is that apart from the program for the microcontrollers, everything else is ready. Redesigned hardware, moulding forms, laser welding setup, package designs, color combinations are all set. We're only waiting for our engineers to give the green light and then we start producing.

Please rest assured that we won't let this project slip out of our hands. We invested a huge amount of money, time and effort in Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals and we're still dedicated to bring it to the market. This slowness of development is at least as hard on us as it is on your patience, waiting to finally receive the product. Please bear with us until we finish this one last step.

Best regards,
Peter & the team

p.s. From now on, I will have our engineers provide an update at least every 2 weeks so you have more information about where we are.

Color variations from of Useeme Bike Turn Signals

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