Christmas order deadlines

Peter küldte be 2018. 12. 12., sze – 11:54 időpontban

As lot of our wonderful customers order Useeme as a Christmas present for someone, we'd like to give you the deadlines so you surely get your orders before Christmas.

Orders placed before 10am get shipped the same day, orders placed after 10 am get shipped the day after.

Order deadlines with free Economy shipping:

  • UK: 17. December 10:00
  • DE: 17. December 10:00
  • Rest of EU: 17. December 10:00
  • US: 17. December 10:00

Order deadlines with Priority shipping:

  • UK: 19. December 10:00
  • DE: 19. December 10:00
  • Rest of EU: 18. December 10:00
  • US: 18. December 10:00

Please note: these deadlines are based on data we received from Fedex. If there's something unexpected happening at Fedex, your order might be late.

Best not leave it to the last day!

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