Webshop done, delivery starts

Peter küldte be 2018. 05. 09., sze – 18:48 időpontban

While colleagues and machines are working to produce more and more Useeme Bike Turn Signals, we achieved some other great things recently too.

First, we launched this website. Months of work went into it, Greg created a beautiful new design and I built the site using a great content management framework called Drupal. The site also includes a webshop so you can order your pair of Useeme right here. Try it out!

We have about 80 people who supported our Indiegogo campaign back in 2014 and have been waiting for their pair of turn signal wristbands ever since. I'm really-really happy that we finally sent them their coupon codes to use in the new webshop and get their wristbands for free. (To be fair, they paid for it back then, but a much lower price.)

Again, I'd like to thank our supporters for their patience and I'll be delighted to send out the first packages next week.

We're still missing some quality product shots from the website, as soon as those are up we'll start advertising Useeme online and send out the first couple of pairs to media for testing & reviewing.

Exciting times. :)

Useeme website screenshot

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