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Peter küldte be 2017. 08. 28., h – 13:52 időpontban

Dear friends,

We're happy to report that we're still here, and we've never been closer to turn the idea of Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals into an actual product. 

Actually, the product is ready. It works perfectly, does evertyhing we ever promised and more. The final version of Useeme Bicycle Turn signals features a new design with extremely bright LEDs, has rechargable batteries built in, and even a fluffy padding on the inside of the wristbands to make wearing on bare hands more comfortable.

The development process was tough, and took years of our time. We made a lot of mistakes. We spent a lot of our own money on development. We put in countless hours of work, especially László, because he believed in the product, and wanted to make it happen. Finally, it seems that we made it happen.

At the moment we are preparing for serial production of the size M wristbands and working on the tooling for size L. We have the raw materials for 600 pairs on stock. We need to decide about colors and there are some open questions about the finish, but otherwise we're good to go.

Here's our plan for the following months:

  • This week we are visiting the Eurobike trade fair where we'll present the product and have a look around for prospective retailers and distributors.
  • In September we'll contact each and every one of our Indiegogo backers to confirm delivery details. They will be the first people ever to receive Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals.
  • During autumn we will test our product thoroughly, gather feedback from the first users, and prepare our webshop for the start of public sales.
  • We aim to launch our webshop and start selling before christmas 2017.
  • We hope to be producing at full capacity for spring 2018.

It was a hell of a ride to get to this point, and some tricky tasks (like actually selling the product) are yet to come. Still, we hope to have the toughest part behind us, and look forward to the future.

We thank you all for your patience and hope you'll find that the end result was worth the wait.

Kind regards,
The team behind Useeme

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