Why & how to use it

How it works

Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals make your bicycle rides safer by turning your regular hand signals into flashing indicator lights.

There is a motion sensor inside the wristbands which detects your hand movements. The sensor is attached to a microcontroller that continously evaluates sensor data and recognizes the patterns of hand signals. The microcontroller switches flashing LEDs on when you hold your hand out to the side, and off when you put it back on the handle. See it in action!

Why use it?

Around 75% percent of bike accidents occur at road junctions, where visibility and hand signals are the key to your safety. Maybe you don't always use hand signals. But when you do, you want them to be seen. With Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals, your hand signals automatically light up and flash before turning or changing lanes.

Useeme makes cycling in the city much safer by helping you to...

  • Reduce the chance of cycling accidents.
  • Warn others before turning left or right.
  • Make sure cars give you way while changing lanes.
  • Avoid getting hit while passing roadside obstacles.
  • Boost your visibility and demand attention from others.
  • Educate your children to always use hand signals.

The automatic flashing light provides better visibility for you and your hand signals, demands more attention from others, and protects you from danger.

Available sizes

Measure your wrist from side to side and choose the size just below the measurement. If you measured 51 mm you should choose size M. Useeme should sit firmly on your hand so don't choose a size bigger than your wrist.

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