Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals
Wearing Useeme, your hand signals become flashing turn signals, demanding attention from others and protecting you while turning or changing lanes. It makes sure motorists and other cyclists take special care around you and give way to you.


Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals
Useeme's motion sensor technology detects your hand signals. The wristband starts flashing when you make a hand signal and stops flashing when your hand is back on the handle. No switches, no distractions, it's fully automatic. You cycle just like before, but much safer.


Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals
We put a lot of effort into programming Useeme. Your hand signals are always detected but the wristbands won't flash when you scratch your nose or reach down for the water bottle. It works with all kinds of bikes and all types of handlebars, even after changing your grip.


Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals
Designed with universal usability and simplicity in mind. No need to mount anything on your bike, just snap on the wristbands and go. There are no buckles or clasps.


Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals
LEDs in Useeme are very-very bright. They flash faster than cars' turn signals and they help you stay safe even in bright daylight. Thanks to the wristband design, the light is visible from all directions.


Useeme Bicycle Turn Signals
The wristbands are easy to put on and flexible enough to fit all your clothes. Use them with gloves, fitness trackers, on your jacket, or your bare hands. They come in 3 different sizes for a perfect fit.

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